Monday, 23 March 2009

Day after day....

Counting the number of days, I didnt realise how fast the day change. Today is 23rd and tmw will be 24th and soon, March will over. And then, another new thing will happen in April. Later in the afternoon, I have to go for an interview at Empire Hotel and Country Club. Its all started like this. They texted me to kol back the Empire Hotel two days ago. Immediately as I awoken by the msg, I called them and asked whats the matter. They gonna interview me in the afternoon 2pm. Hmm what shud I tell them. Shud I inform that Im working at the moment at the Grand City Hotel or keep it secret?? Also, Im teaching at evening class. How am I going to make the best decision, accept it or not?

Let just concentrate on the interview first and see what they want to ask! For sure, I wont tell them that Im working at another Hotel. Perhaps to tell them that Im teaching is okay. Cos Im not teaching the whole week. Errr confuse....what to do now -_-

At the present, they told me the only available vacancies are bellboy, steward, front desk and engineer. Hope I can go thru the interview.... Bah, will update another post again after my interview ya....


Counting Days....

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